Moving wildfire claims 5 lives and quadruples in size in Northern California

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Nine people were declared dead and 150,000 evacuated as fierce wildfires raged across the western USA state of California, with one rapidly spreading blaze threatening the famed resort of Malibu.

The fires have affected several areas in the state, including near Thousand Oaks - where 13 people were recently killed in a mass shooting, including perpetrator David Long.

A home burns as the Camp Fire moves through the area in Paradise, California.

The Butte County Sheriff's Office said the victims were located in the town of Paradise, whose 26,000 residents were told to flee the fire's path on Thursday.

Thousands of people in California have had to flee ahead of a wildfire that has consumed thousands of hectares of land and continues to grow, courtesy of strong winds.

Meanwhile, two wildfires burning near Los Angeles have forced thousands more to evacuate, including the entire city of Malibu.

About 2,000 structures were destroyed in the area, officials said.

Meanwhile, portions of Southern California remained under siege early Friday as two large fires threatened numerous Ventura County communities. Evacuation orders were issued for residents of the beachside community of Malibu.

"It was just a wall of fire on each side of us, and we could hardly see the road in front of us", police officer Mark Bass said.

Lehi crews are going to southern California to fight the fires in southern California, Lehi Fire Captain Bronson Smith said.

The fire has also reportedly destroyed the set for popular TV series Westworld, with one person tweeting photos of the destruction saying it had "burned to the ground".

Richardson estimates another 60,000 people will likely have to evacuate because the fire jumped US 101 early Friday and is pushing toward the coast.

Captain Scott McLean of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said the fire near the town of Paradise has grown to almost 110 square miles.

"It's my sad duty to confirm that we now have a total of nine fatalities", he said, four more fatalities beyond the five reported earlier.

About 20 of the same deputies who were helping to find and rescue people lost their own homes.

There were reports of people abandoning their vehicles trapped in heavy traffic, clutching children and running for safety under blackened skies. Drought-stricken fuels, Santa Ana wind conditions, low relative humidity, high temperatures: "it's a recipe for fire", said VCFD Assistant Chief Chad Cook, according the Ventura County Star.

The singer Cher, who is performing in Las Vegas, tweeted that she was anxious about her Malibu home.

At the Vallecito mobile home park for seniors in Newbury Park, the fire came so quickly that residents had no time to gather medications and documents.

Concerned friends and family posted frantic messages on Twitter and other sites saying they were looking for loved ones, particularly seniors who lived at retirement homes or alone. Celebrity website TMZ reported that the Malibu ridge home of Caitlyn Jenner, America's best-known transgender person, was destroyed by the flames on Friday. "All residents must evacuate now".