Dodgers offered Puig to Nats in Bryce Harper trade

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An wonderful amount to turn down - as it would be the biggest free-agent deal in terms of total money in the history of the four major sport - but also almost $100 million short of what Harper and agent Scott Boras are seeking.

Harper will test the market in search of a more lucrative contract this winter along with other notable free agents, such as infielder Manny Machado.

If the Phillies have indeed signed Harper, it would give them one of the best players baseball has seen in this generation. They can not wait for Harper to make his decision - which many in the industry believe will come no sooner than the Winter Meetings in Las Vegas next month - and miss out on the market. The Boras Corporation will send a text message to reporters informing them that Scott Boras will be fielding questions at an anointed time and place.

According to USA Today, which cited persons with direct knowledge of the proposed deal, the offer would have paid Harper an average of $30 million per year but expired after the Nats lost exclusive negotiating rights last week.

If the Phillies decided to make an offer that topped Stanton, they could top the Nationals' offer and top Stanton's contract by offering a deal worth $330 million over 10 years. In meetings with team owners, Boras said he has made it a point to note in documents shared that "I know that anyone who's done what Bryce Harper has". For those of you without a math degree, $35 million per year over a 13-year period would be $455 million.

"I'm comfortable with the alternative (to Harper re-signing)", Rizzo added.

Thought the offer was $100 million short, there were no hard feelings between Harper and the team.

Given Harper's history with the Nationals, he seems unlikely to make a deal elsewhere without first circling back.

At just 26-years-old Harper has won Rookie of the Year and an MVP award. That means more than the $325 million that Stanton got, and likely considerably more. Max Scherzer got exactly $US30 million.

The Nationals were willing to make a strong commitment.