Teenager strangulates mother for scolding him over ‘poor grades’

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Ramos ultimately told detectives that he got two friends to help him stage the burglary - 17-year-olds Dylan Ceglarek and Brian Porras, who police say are also facing multiple criminal charges.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said the teen was motivated by "rage" as he carried out the killing.

Officials with the Sheriff's Office said the 15-year-old called 911 Friday, claiming to have found his home burglarized, his mother nowhere to be found and her vehicle running. "I have a feeling this is a case we'll be hearing about for years to come", Chitwood said. That's when authorities said he proceeded to strangle her again, this time killing her. He strangled her, thought she was dead, went to collect a wheelbarrow, but discovered she was still alive, according to Chitwood.

"Apparently there was a dispute about [grading] marks with his mother, and after an argument that occurred around 11 o'clock, around 12:30 he went into her room and woke her up and began to strangle her until he killed her", he said. They buried the body at the church, where they had hung out in the past, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Investigators say the boy killed her after they argued about his school grades.

The group also took several items from the home, including a PlayStation, a firearm and some electronics and hid them in the woods near the body to further the robbery-gone-bad ruse they planned to use the next day.

But Chitwood said detectives suspected the story from the start and brought Ramos in for questioning. "All our hearts break for this family", Chitwood tweeted on Saturday.

'He had no sign of remorse.

After several hours of intense interviews, Ramos "broke" and confessed to everything.

The teen is charged with first-degree premeditated murder of his mother, Gail Cleavenger. Chitwood said Ramos used his knowledge of crime scene analysis to disguise the scene where he had buried his mother's body.

Chitwood named the defendants and showed their mugshots, but Law&Crime is not identifying them because they are minors, and it is unclear if they will be charged as adults.