An Actual Breaking Bad Movie Is Starting Production This Bloody Month

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On the heels of Rick Grimes making his cinematic debut, we're going back to everyone's favorite roving meth lab with a Breaking Bad movie; thus begins the AMC cinematic universe.

It was not immediately clear if the film would land on TV or in theaters, according toThe Hollywood Reporter. Nobody's sure if it's a prequel, a continuation of Aaron Paul's narrative or something completely parallel and only tangentially related. Production kicks off next month in New Mexico.

Welp. That's Variety confirming what the Albuquerque Journal reported earlier today: a Breaking Bad movie really is headed our way, Vince Gilligan's really working on it, and the plot apparently revolves around "the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom". Likewise, it's unknown whether it'll be a prequel a la AMC's Better Call Saul or will take place after the events of Breaking Bad's epic 2013 finale.

Gilligan will be at the helm and also serve as executive producer alongside Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein - both of whom worked on Breaking Bad and the spin-off.

Breaking Bad filmed in New Mexico for six years, and Better Call Saul had filmed there as well.

Breaking Bad, which was set and filmed in Albuquerque, starred Bryan Cranston as Walter H. White, a high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer and who teams up with Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, to produce and sell methamphetamine. We don't know if this is a feature film or a TV movie. Walt had his time in the sun, and wisely hasn't been the centerpiece of Better Call Saul's later seasons. To the Movies" released in July, there's a "Dora the Explorer" movie set for August 2019, and a new "Scooby-Doo" expected in 2020 - while "Mission: "Impossible" and "Transformers" have become blockbuster franchises.