Samsung finally posts an official folding phone teaser ahead of SDC 2018

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Unlike Samsung and other global companies now on the foldable screen hype, Royole's "FlexPai" model claims to be both a smartphone and tablet in one. Samsung Mobile updated its profile photo on Facebook to a Samsung logo folded over. We imagine this might be in anticipation of an imminent announcement, believed to take place during Samsungs 2018 Developers Conference scheduled to take place on November 7-8.

The goal is garnering critical feedback as new technologies will require developers to tweak apps to make sure they run smoothly when the phone folds out into tablet form.

Koh added that the company was "focusing on developing innovations that will be genuinely accepted and liked by consumers" for the foldable phones.

Would you use a foldable phone?

"Manufacturers who produce them now are demonstrating technology leadership, and will also be the first with serious applications for foldable screens". You fold the phone up when it's in your pocket or purse for a compact device, and then when it's time to do some real work, you can open the phone for a much bigger display. Separately, The Bell reports that Samsung has confirmed that the phone's foldable display is finished.

Rumors of a folding smartphone from Samsung have been popping up for years.

We previously heard a rumour that Samsung's foldable phone could be called the Galaxy F. Now, a recent trademark filing suggests that the handset will be launched as Samsung Infinity Flex.

The South Korean tech giant is among a handful of firms which have flagged that foldable phones will be coming to market soon.

The device may feature a 7.3 inch primary display and a 4.6 inch secondary screen. The paper specifically mentions mobile gaming as a key focus.