'Walking Dead' TV movies are in the works

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Now that the cat's out of the bag, Grimes' Andrew Lincoln and the show's creative team are at last free to talk about what comes next for Rick. The movies are scheduled to begin production in 2019.

"There is something exciting about moving toward an end game for Rick's story that appealed to me". They all thought they saw him die in the explosion, but he was actually just injured and picked up by Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) and her mysterious helicopter. We're going to dig into the past and see old characters.

'Over the next several years, we're going to be doing specials, new series are quite a possibility, high-quality digital content and then some content that defies description at the moment, ' Gimple added. By making the unilateral decision to spare Negan, Rick upheld the values his late son, Carl, championed in order to build for the future, but created conflict within his group.

Answers are equally hard to come by when estimating when AMC will release the first Walking Dead television movie, despite Gimple giving a vague promise that the first film is coming "soon [er] rather than later". According to THR, Gimple and Lincoln had been discussing the potential for made-for-TV films as long ago as 2013, when season 4 of the post-apocalyptic zombie drama was airing on AMC. As it turns out, Lincoln has signed on to appear in a number of Walking Dead films.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

And now we know why. "There's a lot of people that are still there, who were there on the first day, and that's an immensely moving testament to the show, really". Granted, I know the two have diverged wildly at this point, and there's a whole other spinoff series - but with ratings at a recent low, it seemed like tough times for what was AMC's signature populist show.

It was revealed in episode five - which was shown in the United States on Sunday and airs in the UK on Monday - Rick does survive.

The Hollywood Reporter also has an extensive interview with Lincoln about his final days on the show, plans for the new movies, and much more.

Jon Bernthal returns to The Walking Dead fold on Sunday's episode, and though we don't have details about the nature of his return we do know what he looks like thanks to Greg Nicotero, who shared this photo of Lincoln and Bernthal on set.