U.S. midterms: The themes that motivate voters

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The decision to use the footage in an official campaign ad is the latest of Trump's election-week efforts to stoke fear and anti-immigrant sentiment in hopes of motivating Republicans to vote Tuesday.

The midterms, to be held on November 6, are elections to the United States Congress - the Senate and the House of Representatives - that occur in the middle of the four-year term of a President. Democrats and liberal activists, galvanized by opposition to Mr. Trump, gathered Saturday to knock on doors and make turnout calls from Pennsylvania to IL to Washington to try to erase the G.O.P.'s 23-seat House majority. The Democrats are likely to flip the House, as per several polls. Dean Heller is trying to fend off Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen and Republican Adam Laxalt is battling Democrat Steve Sisolak for governor. In many USA states, the parties that control state legislatures get to draw the new electoral boundaries after each census of the population.

"It happens to be like a manhood issue for the president, building a wall, and I'm not interested in that", Pelosi said in remarks at Harvard Kennedy School's Institute of Politics in early October. The result was a map stacked against the Democrats. Congress has yet to fully fund the $25 billion-dollar project, and a Democratic-controlled House could try to block Trump's spending priorities on immigration.

Republicans outpaced Democrats in all other counties.

Trump said more caravans were forming and thousands of people were coming to invade the country.

Bracamontes was also featured in an ad Trump tweeted Wednesday that was widely seen as reminiscent of the infamous 1988 "Willie Horton" ad used against Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis and condemned as racist. The race has been tighter in recent weeks, with Democrats making gains even in areas that tend to lean conservative, the non-partisan Cook Political Report found. The issue took center stage this year after the White House raised red flags by granting high level clearances to White House staffers like former staff secretary Rob Porter.

Trump says Obama committed "lie after lie, broken promise after broken promise".

That would be in line with historical precedent.

But while the signs look good for the Democrats in the House, the Senate is another story. All 435 House seats are up for grabs; each has a two-year term. Libertarian candidate Lucy Brenton is running far behind the Democratic and Republican candidates.

The US President Donald Trump has been hitting the campaign trail hard on behalf of the Republicans. Bill Nelson, in Miami, Fla.

Democrats have more than 900,000 additional registered voters than Republicans in New Jersey, and Trump's low ratings in the Garden State could give Menendez a boost. But that assumes that the party can hold the seats it already has. Montanans went for Trump by a 20-point margin in 2016.

If the Democrats won, Trump told the crowd at an aircraft hangar in Pensacola, they would impose socialism on Florida. Florida is a toss-up. They do that, they're going to be arrested.

And if Republicans retain control of the House and Senate, that could embolden the president by confirming that his campaign strategy worked.

But that doesn't mean the results in the Senate won't be worth watching.

The Senate is expected to remain firmly in the hands of Republicans, with the oft-cited Website FiveThirtyEight predicting a 1-in-7 chance that Democrats will win the Senate.

But that still would require the Democrats to perform reasonably well on Tuesday. Republicans were quick to point out that the party in power typically suffers defeats in midterms.

Many Trump supporters are working class males who see themselves as displaced by illegal migrants, at a time when blue collar jobs have gone overseas.

This is key because 2020 is a census year, and redistricting is right around the corner. That would force them to wait until 2022, when the map will be much more favourable - but the political environment could be more unpredictable.