OVERWATCH Reveals 3 New Characters and Cinematic at Blizzcon

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She's leader of the Deadlock Gang, and seems to have a history with McCree, although they're clearly not getting along at the moment.

While Kaplan teased that Echo will eventually be a playable hero-perhaps number 30-the biggest reveal of his presentation is that Ashe will be the newest hero joining Overwatch's ever-expanding roster.

Today, during the BlizzCon opening ceremony, a brand new animated cinematic featuring Overwatch's DPS hero McCree was revealed. You can get a better look at Overwatch's 29th character in action, below.

Ashe features in the Reunion short, and a page on the official Overwatch website gives more details about the latest hero.

Blizzard revealed Ashe at BlizzCon on Friday, a shotgun-toting, dynamite-tossing, rifle-shooting outlaw who used to be friends with McCree. Her semi automatic rifle is called the Viper and players can either use the scope for more accurate shots or without the scope for faster ones. Dynamite, another one of Ashe's skills, sends out a bundle of explosions that go off when the fuse burns out, but you can also shoot it to make it go off early. She also carries a coach gun that pushes enemies away from her and propels her backwards.

"And Ashe is not alone, as she can call on her omnic ally B.O.B., to join the fray when the need arises".

You can find images of the sniper, the triplets, Echo, and Bob (who appears in-game as part of Ashe's ultimate ability) below.