Actor Alec Baldwin arrested over parking fight

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One year before that, Baldwin pushed a New York Post reporter into a parked vehicle.

Multiple news sources have reported that Baldwin punched a man - whose name has not been released - after a fight over a parking space on 10th street.

Alec Baldwin was arrested Friday in New York City after a dispute over a parking spot allegedly became physical, a New York Police Department spokeswoman confirmed to HuffPost.

The man apparently swooped in on the parking spot that Baldwin, who lives in the area, was going to take, leading to the altercation and arrest, the report stated.

Alec and this driver reportedly got into it over this parking spot snatching, and it supposedly got so heated that Alec allegedly "punched the guy".

Baldwin and his wife share four children, Romeo, 5 months, Leonardo, 2, Rafael, 3, and Carmen, 5.

Baldwin is now in custody at the 6th precinct and charges are pending.

It's not the first time Baldwin has run into trouble with the law. He was arrested for disorderly conduct in 2014 and was acquitted following an alleged scuffle with a photographer in the 1990s.

Sure, driving in Manhattan is aggravating, but this is ridiculous, Alec Baldwin.

But when reporters told the president that his sometime-impersonator had been arrested, Trump simply said, "I wish him luck".