Heidi Klum Halloween Costume 2018 Shrek Fiona

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In the hours before the big reveal, the former Victoria's Secret Angel played around with creepy Halloween face filters as she told her followers: 'Halloween, here we go!' before documenting the process of having prosthetics and latex applied.

It seems it was another year of impressive Halloween fun for Klum and all of her friends.

We love scrolling through Instagram the day after the festivities to see which A-Listers really went to town with their costume and our victor this year, and every year, has to be.

She also donned Princess Fiona's signature red hair, green princes dress and had a set of ogre feet to walk around her party in.

This year, Klum's costume paid homage to princess turned ogre, Fiona, from the beloved 2001 animated classic, Shrek.

How did they arrive at Klum's coveted party? Naturally her 29-year-old rocker boyfriend, Tom Kaulitz, was dolled up as lovable ogre Shrek. They brought the kids too.

Klum is known for wearing elaborate costumes at the party. Previous year she and a group of friends also did the whole "Thriller" dance at a Halloween party, further proving her dedication to the holiday.

Heidi has previously dressed as Goddess Kali, Jessica Rabbit, an alien, Catwoman, Lady Godiva, The Garden of Eden and more.