Trump plans 2 Missouri stops before US Senate election

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"It will be challenging", Stepien says of the GOP's prospects of maintaining the House majority, but adds, "The House is still considered in play less than two weeks from Election Day".

Democrats must net two seats in the Senate and eight seats in the House to take Republicans below a veto-proof majority.

"Clearly the Kavanaugh confirmation was an inflection point to activate the Republican base, and even pull over some Democratic men", said Rob Stutzman, a Republican consultant based in California. Capitol Correspondent Cheyna Roth reports the Republican and Democratic candidates will be traveling the state as the clock ticks down to Election Day.

The Republican party now has majority in both the Senate and the House and Trump and his team is leaving no stone unturned to campaign in favour of his Republican party.

Will voters blame the President for the current level of anger in the country concerning hot-button political issues? Earlier last week, former Vice President Joe Biden campaigned for Gillum, Nelson and other Democrats in key areas such as Tampa and Orlando.

On Saturday 11 people were shot dead in a mass shooting inside a Pittsburg synagogue.

Historically, American voters have tended to leave incumbents in place so the news 39 Republicans are not running for re-election could pave the way for Democrat candidates to be voted in.

The stakes for President Trump are extremely high since a Democratic victory in either chamber would give the party the power to open investigations into various aspects of his administration.

Between Oct. 31st and November 5th, Trump will make stops in West Virginia, Indiana, Montana, Georgia, andTennessee, along with two stops each in Florida and Missouri.

Trump plans a heavy schedule of campaigning and fundraising through the midterm elections.