Prince Harry marks final day of Pacific tour by singing Maori song

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The woman had travelled from Christchurch to Auckland in order to meet the Duchess and waited for hours to get a glimpse, but wasn't expecting to get the reaction she did.

"I do not pick up from the New Zealand public that this is high on their agenda".

Yesterday, on the final day of their royal tour, Meghan Markle was spotted wearing a piece of jewellery which was given to her as a gift during her visit to New Zealand.

Harry shouted as he ushered the child back to his guardians.

Both were adorned by feathered cloaks gifted to them by the marae and Meghan also wore a carved greenstone necklace given to her by the country's governor general.

Taking to Instagram, Hannah wrote: "Yes, that's Meghan Markle holding my letter and recognising me".

When Meghan saw it, her mouth fell open and she was heard saying "Ooh my God" before rushing over to give her a big hug.

From all white ensembles, to stripes and blazers and stylish coats - Meghan's fashion game during her first worldwide tour alongside Prince Harry was strong.

Meghan sported bright red toenails with her black dress and strappy sandals, and we couldn't help but swoon.

"I was just so shocked", she told BBC News.

But, she did say, "The likely reasoning is more that while traveling on a tour such as the India trip, technically the couple are working representatives of British Monarchy".

Meghan was an avid Instagram fan before she met Harry and even had her own blog, called The Tig.

"That this is an issue that they see of such importance that we need to be debating it in the current environment for New Zealand", she said.

Two years ago Meghan filmed a short message thanking Ms Sergel for her support, in which she waves and blows a kiss at the camera to her.