What to Expect From Apple's October Mac Event

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Kuo believes Apple is working on an update to the iPad Mini 4 but doesn't know if the company plans to release the iPad Mini 5 with an improved display and internals in late 2018 or early 2019.

The event begins on Tuesday at 10am local time in NY.

The iPad Pro update comes at an important time for the device, which hasn't been refreshed since mid-2017, and is the most significant in the product's history. The bezels will be slimmer, and the LCD screen on each new iPad Pro will include an edge-to-edge design. Apple is expected to launch a pair of new iPad Pros. Rumours about the new iPads have been making rounds on the web for quite some time now. The bezels around the display are expected to remain big enough to hide the Face ID sensors, meaning there won't be a notch on the iPad Pro display.

Maybe you don't want a new Apple tablet, or a new Apple laptop, but there's still more for you to look forward to at the October 30 event: new desktop Macs, including (perhaps) a surprise with a brand new Mac Mini. A Retina display is what Apple uses in almost all of its products, save for the MacBook Air.

The TrueDepth camera system at the front means the 2018 iPad Pro will support Animoji and Memoji - features which are only present on the iPhone X and up.

Less certain have been rumors of new Macs, but some seemingly concrete evidence has emerged this week. Watch it live at apple.com in the Safari browser on iPads, iPhones or iPod Touch models with iOS 9.0 or later; on Macs with MacOS 10.11 or later; on Windows PCs; or on Apple TV. This is based on filed model numbers, so while that's no exact science, those model numbers have not been used before, which makes this clue a credible one. The latter is expected to be unwrapped on Tuesday. A revised MacBook, in whatever form it might come, would likely be a low-price option. The new MacBooks will come with a higher resolution display but make use of Intel's older Kaby Lake processors to keep its price down.

Indeed, we would think this is the tipping point for the Air, either forward or into the grave. Rumors claim that this new MacBook lineup will replace the aging MacBook Air lineup. This will be either an 8th Generation "Coffee Lake" chip or an even newer "Whiskey Lake" CPU. This will be the successor to the Mac Mini launched back in 2014. It's supposedly to enable better 4K HDR video transfer. That's especially true with the Mac Mini, which hasn't been upgraded in years.