Samsung renews premium smartphones to challenge Apple, Chinese rivals

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That more affordable S10 model is thought to have a flat display unlike most flagship Samsung phones, and the cost may be too high to implement the in-screen fingerprint scanner on this model. Such features make it a highly-anticipated handset, but it seems Samsung is not content with that. No news on what this could mean for a 5G-capable S10 in Australia.

Universal Flash Storage (USF 3.0) was announced earlier this year, and it doubles the memory bandwidth of UFS 2.1, which is now the standard in the mobile space.

Samsung is also toying with a S10 prototype without a headphone jack, indicating that it may follow Apple in going completely wireless with its devices. Considering the hype rivals have been generating with their flagships, Samsung has been rumoured to work its wonders for making the next generation Galaxy S flagships revolutionary. The S10 will come pre-loaded with Google's Android Pie operating system, they said. UFS 2.1 is now used in premium smartphones. And at the event, according to Android Central, the company suggested that the high-end storage would be available on its top-of-the-line smartphones. Hence, there is a possibility that the P30 Pro could become the first Huawei phone to support 5G connection.

For other characteristics it is also known that the amount of internal memory of the gadget will amount to 512 GB. But we never knew the foldable screen that Samsung has developed for the phone supposedly "shatters like dried paper" when it cracks. We should also mention that the entry-level Galaxy S10 will feature 4GB of RAM as Galaxy S9 does.

Samsung even made a public statement where it said that Galaxy S9 failed the sales expectations by a large margin and that it plans to change everything when it comes to its flagship smartphone next year. Fortunately, Samsung didn't shy away from promising "big upgrades" and "special surprises" for when Galaxy S10 will finally be revealed. Recently there were talks that Samsung could add a dedicated AI unit in the S10 processor. Interestingly, there is no 10 GB RAM version of the Galaxy S10. But there are plenty of reasons to be excited about what could be a revolutionary phone, with Samsung's latest announcement offering hints at what we can expect from its tenth anniversary device.

The benchmark also pointed to a resolution of 1440 x 3040. The S10 and S10 plus are said to include curved OLED screens with small bezels. Last month, Samsung trolled Google in a tweet saying "you can land a plane on it" which referred to the massive notch on the Pixel 3 XL.