Nine out of ten free Android apps share data with Google

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A massive advertising fraud operation - potentially siphoning millions of dollars from marketers - has been uncovered, renewing concerns about fraud in a marketplace that is increasingly automated. SHAREit aims to make digital content equally accessible for everyone despite users' location and internet quality.

He reported that thousands of app bundles are in production use, resulting in an average reduction in size of 35 percent. Which is kind of ironic given the current issue with Google News.

Just over 42 percent of apps also sent data to Facebook, while just over 33 percent sent data to Twitter. Some users have also suggested to turn off "Allow background data usage" but that cannot be a long-term solution, while a few have deleted the app altogether. Of course, getting rid of Google News until the bug is fixed is also a solution.

Google's response to this in September was that the team was aware of the issue and was looking into it - but that may not be good enough for some, who are lodging complaints with their network providers and may even consider legal recourse. Hopefully it's something they can get fixed up pretty soon, as this can become a pretty expensive bug for its users.

Couple this with another report from Bloomberg Businessweek, which found a prevalence of companies that can track you after you've uninstalled apps and hit you with messages encouraging you to re-download them. A extreme case stated that the user had to cough up as much as $385 where he saw Google News absorbing nearly 25GB of data.

BuzzFeed discovered the ad fraud network and revealed it to Google in mid-October. What happened? 37Gb mobile data used in just a one or two days?

Files Go, a file sharing app launched by Google to enable people in developing countries share files offline, will be a major beneficiary of this new move being made by Google.

"We apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused to our users". A Google community manager responded to the forum discussion about one month ago, saying, The relevant teams are now investigating and working towards a fix, and we'll be posting updates directly to this thread.

If you consider yourself a developer that keeps the user experience as a top priority, then you should download Google Play services 14.3.68.