Facebook rolling out simple redesign of its Messenger app

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It seems that Facebook will release a refurbished version of Messenger, its chat app, which will simplify the user interface.

Facebook went on: "To make it easier to find the features you care about, the new Messenger will have three tabs instead of nine". With the color gradients option, you can be used multiple colors for chat bubbles, and the colors will dynamically change when you scroll up and down a conversation.

With their interface hauled into line, Facebook is also working on new features like a Dark Mode, which they describe as "a re-skinned interface that cuts down on the glare from your phone".

Meanwhile, the newly redesigned Messenger app is being rolled out globally over the coming weeks. The Facebook chat app has been constantly improving for past few years. Since from last several years, Facebook did not give the major update to the messenger. The right tab on the bottom of the display is referred to, by the company, as the "Discover tab".

Facebook's messaging app is getting a new look, and the tech firm wants to keep it simple.

The update will bring simplified messaging experience by removing some of the clutter users have complained about and focusing on the most important features that consumers often use.
Discover is where you'll find Instant Games, brand pages, discounts and offers and all that other gubbins most people probably forget Messenger actually does. "It's not as simple as the app was at the beginning", said Stan Chudnovsky, the head of product for Facebook Messenger.

Say to the new Messenger. As a part of the revamp, the social media company is not only making design changes to Messenger's platform but it is also add a host of new features, which will make it easier for the users to connect with their family and friends. Color gradients can be customized any time to reflect the mood of conversation.

Impact: Truth be said, this is not exactly a huge redesign of the application, and some users would probably prefer for the app to be less feature-rich, even though Messenger Lite is also available in the Play Store. In particular, a recent poll by the company indicated over 70% of users rated simplicity as their top priority. Though Facebook says the update will be launching today, it will take some time before everyone sees the changes in full.