Dog pretends to be stray for McDonalds burger

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When Reyes pulled over her auto, Princess immediately recognised her and started wagging her tail, stated the report.

If you don't believe a dog can act like a stray, Reyes even posted video (below) of Princess working the strangers in the parking lot.

This dog sneaks out of the house at night to sit outside McDonald's and pretend to be a stray " so people will feel bad for her & feed her burgers", her owner says.

Many were also complimentary of the dog.

A dog in Oklahoma has become a viral sensation after her owner caught her sneaking off to a local McDonald's to score free hamburgers.

According to KTRK, Princess has been described as "gold diggin" by her owner because she keeps leaving her home to beg for food at a nearby McDoanld's.

She appears to be having a good time with the newfound attention, as well.

On Monday night, she drove to McDonald's and spotted Princess there, "waiting to be fed". Lo and behold, there was Princess busking for burgers outside McDonald's - Reyes even caught and posted video of a kind stranger throwing the animal food from her window.