‘Practicing Satanists’, Ages 11 & 12, Plotted To Kill Classmates, Drink Their Blood

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During the course of the investigation, it was revealed that two (2) juvenile girls armed themselves with knives and planned on attacking students during the school day.

When asked why she had it, the girl told Roberts they "were planning on attacking and killing as many students as possible", according to Hall.

The girls reportedly hoped to kill at least 15 people in their stabbing spree.

According to officials, the plot was foiled only after the mother of one of the girls called in when she received a robocall informing her that she skipped school.

Both girls were searched in a Bartow Middle School office, where a butcher knife was located on one of the students.

Police released photos of the weapons recovered from the girls, including a pizza cutter, a meat cleaver and a goblet, which is presumed they intented to use to drink their victims' blood from. The investigators found a map of the school with the words "Go to kill in bathroom", written on the paper, according to Fox 13.

They planned to cut their victims' throats, cut up their bodies, eat the flesh and drink their victims' blood, authorities said.

Officers searched the students' phones and found that the two had discussed killing themselves after leaving their classmates' body parts by the school's entrance.

"This is horrific, and if I had children in school, I'd be scared to death", Hall said. Detectives told Time the girls had cooked up the plot over "scary" movies during a weekend playdate. "I think they were both in it together".

The girls, who remain locked up, were charged with "conspiracy to commit murder, possession of a weapon on school property, and disrupting a school campus".

"If you were an adult, you'd be looking at potential life in prison", Mr Hall said.

"It is very disturbing to me, not only as an educator but also as a superintendent and as a parent, but I want parents to know we're going to do everything to keep their kids safe", said Superintendent Jacqueline Byrd.

Hall said that despite the girls' reported plan, it was thankfully thwarted by the proactivity of students and teachers.