Israeli fire wounds 32 Palestinians in Gaza beach protest

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The other came down in the sea off Tel Aviv, 70 kilometres from Gaza, the army said. "Majority turned back into Gaza, but three of them continued to move on toward a military outpost, where they were shot and killed".

"We are not prepared to accept the level of violence we see week after week", Mr Lieberman told troops and commanders at an army base near southern Israel's border with Hamas-ruled Gaza.

Lieberman ordered the closure of the Kerem Shalom goods crossing and the Erez crossing for people, and the reduction of the permitted fishing zone along the Gaza coast to three nautical miles, the defense ministry body responsible for Palestinian civil affairs, COGAT, said.

Israel's security cabinet met Wednesday to discuss the situation.

"Last night Hamas took actions which force us to strike a range of weapon production facilities, military compounds and underground infrastructure".

"From our point of view", he said, "Hamas bears full responsibility for this attack, creating an environment for terror and violence along the security fence, as we have seen, for the past few months".

Egypt, which sent a delegation to Gaza on Tuesday for the latest round of talks on a long-term ceasefire, postponed a visit there by its intelligence chief, Abbas Kamel, following Wednesday's surge in violence, Palestinian officials said.

"I've held a series of meetings with the head of the Southern Command, the head of the [Gaza] Division, the brigade commanders, the battalion commanders, also with soldiers".

The Hamas group has organised months of often violent border protests, with at least 205 Palestinians and one Israeli killed since March 30.

A photograph of a Palestinian protester taking part in the Great March of Return in the occupied Gaza Strip won a top prize Saturday in France's prestigious Bayeux Calvados-Normandy Award for War Correspondents.

"The explosives blew a large hole in the fence, through which around 20 terrorists infiltrated into Israel under the cover of a dense cloud of smoke created by burning tires", the JCPA reported.

Likewise, Hamas launched boats in an effort to break through Israel's maritime blockade, but they were stopped by the IDF.

Lieberman said that would only allow Iran to fully arm Hamas.

Hamas clearly misinterpreted Israel's willingness to improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza and apparently thought it was the beginning of Israel's capitulation.

Gaza's Health Ministry says 32 Palestinians have been wounded by Israeli fire during a mass protest along the beach near the Israeli frontier.

The "offensive" caused an ecological disaster in southern Israel, but failed to bring the Jewish State to its knees.

No group claimed responsibility for the attack.

On Oct. 11 the IDF blew up one of these tunnels, which penetrated 200 meters into Israel and was equipped with electricity and communications devices.

Violence against Israel was further fanned when Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh "made a surprise appearance at one of the demonstrations", according to the JCPA. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened "very painful blows", saying Israel was very close to waging a "different kind of activity".