Tara Reid disaster! Actress KICKED off flight for freakish meltdown

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Earlier this week, Tara Reid was asked to leave a Delta flight heading to NY.

The chat came a day after she was booted from the Los Angeles-to-New York City Delta Flight 613, TMZ reported, amid what airline officials dubbed a customer service issue.

Video footage shot by another passenger shows a flight attendant trying to defuse the situation as Reid and her pet deplane.

The Sharknado star opened up to Extra about why she left that particular flight and then boarded another to NY.

On the flip side, the American Pie alum says she thought she had a window seat and got upset when that wasn't the case.

The party queen's plane was on its way from Los Angeles to NY, when it had to return to the gate due to Reid's scandal.

The flight eventually took off for NY with a delay, but no further incidents. Reid could then be seen heading towards the exit, holding her bags and little Yorkie.

"Delta apologizes to the remaining customers for the inconvenience and appreciates their patience as the situation was resolved", the statement read.

Just two months after a live interview in which her slurred speech sparked concerns, actress Tara Reid has made headlines for an incident aboard a Delta Air Lines flight Monday. According to the actress, it wasn't that big of a deal, but everyone chose to make it into this huge sensation.

ET has reached out to Reid's team for comment.

"We'll carry all your things for you and meet you out here with the captain", a Delta employee tells Reid, before removing her bag from the overhead compartment.

The flight had to turn back before take off, so the star could be removed.