Piers Morgan Calls Out James Bond Star Daniel Craig - Gets Immediately Wrecked

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Twitter rounded on Morgan for his comments about Daniel Craig, with Captain America star Chris Evans questioning the former Mirror editor's motives.

It wasn't the photo itself that got people riled up.

The mere sight of a man being a decent father was clearly too much for Morgan, who tweeted, "Oh 007. not you as well?!"

What do you make of Pier's comments do you think a papoose is emasculating?

Morgan claimed that he received several responses from men whose "wives/girlfriends told them to..." "Any man who wastes time quantifying masculinity is terrified on the inside", Evans responded on Twitter.

Some users responded by calling Morgan names like "insecure manbaby" and "sexist jackwagon".

Others attempted a more rational approach by explaining the benefits of baby carriers, which allow parents to keep children close, yet have their hands unoccupied while strolling on the street.

"This is me wearing an Elsa dress after [my daughter] asked me to wear her Mom's Halloween costume", Copeland wrote. "About time more in the media celebrated this, I mean aren't you right-wing oddballs always bleating on about lack of family values?"

Others straight-out skewered Morgan, while lots of dads posted sweet photos of themselves proudly carrying their own babies.

007 himself, Daniel Craig, was recently spotted carrying his and actress wife Rachel Weisz's newest baby daughter in a baby carrier (or the American term, papoose).

The controversial TV host tweeted a picture on October 15 of Daniel Craig carrying his baby in what Morgan called a "papoose" or a baby carrier.