Families search for missing people in wake of Hurricane Michael

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Crews with dogs went door-to-door Saturday in Mexico Beach, pushing aside debris to get inside badly damaged structures in a second wave of searches following what they described as an initial, "hasty" search of the area.

State officials say they will announce storm-related fatalities once they are certified by local medical examiners who have gone through the steps of positively identifying those who died and performing autopsies to determine cause of death.

"We don't have a building - from my understanding, the water surge moved it off its foundation", Police Chief Anthony Kelly told ABC News on Friday.

To her disappointment, it read: "We're still working on it ... we'll keep you posted". "It is going to go back and forth", Trump said while visiting Georgia, which was also damaged by Hurricane Michael last week. "There were too many people, including with children that did not want to leave".

Emergency officials said that because of widespread mobile phone outages, others could be safe and just have not been able to tell friends or family.

U.S. President Donald Trump surveyed the damage from Hurricane Michael and met with survivors on Monday, saying food and housing were the top priorities for those hit in Florida's storm-ravaged Panhandle.

"Visually, they were all intact and looked much better than expected considering the surrounding damage to some structures", the Air Force said in a statement.

"Just the desperation in the family members' voices that hadn't contacted their loved one for a few days was bad", he said. He said that the company had no service in Bay County for six days and that "we need the same response" from Verizon as "we have seen from our electric companies".

Michael smashed into Florida's western coast on Wednesday as a powerful Category 4 storm, packing winds of 155 miles (250 kilometers) per hour as it began a northern march through several states on the United States' southeast coast, killing at least 17 people.

Right after the storm, state officials said thousands of calls inquiring about missing people came in to authorities and non-profit groups. Cathey and a city clerk both confirmed that as of Sunday, 46 of those people are still missing.

A Houston-based organization called CrowdSource that takes calls from anxious family members and sends the details to rescue crews on the ground said it has helped find almost 1,500 people since Michael struck.

Mexico Beach and Panama City, two Florida towns, were almost flattened, and that could raise the death toll further.

Before visiting the city of Lynn Haven, Trump took a 55-minute helicopter tour of the region to see how the local and state rescue efforts were progressing.

"Hard to believe. I've seen pictures, but it's hard to believe, when you're above it in a plane and to see the total devastation". Kayla Runyon, 22, said she evacuated to a hotel in Callaway with some relatives.

"The next phase is recovery", said Ignatius Carroll, a Miami fire captain who leads a Federal Emergency Management Agency rescue team.

Chuan Milford cries while she thanks Florida National Guard soldiers for loading up her vehicle with food and water. The president will fly over some of those areas today.