How The Kardashian-Jenner Family Reportedly Feel About Kanye West's Latest Antics

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The Emmy winning actor and new talk show host appeared in the cold open sketch, which focused on Trump's Oval Office meeting with Kanye West (played here by Chris Redd) and Jim Brown (played by Kenan Thompson). He then went into a long speech about different dimensions and universes that quickly went off the rails.

It ends with Trump telling Kanye that he loves him and that they have a lot in common: "We are both geniuses, we're both married to handsome women and we've both definitely been recorded saying the N-word".

"He doesn't stop. He doesn't listen to anyone but himself".

Baldwin's Trump then started to think that West possibly reminded him of someone. Trump's inner monologue asked.

Trump introduces West, saying it is "in no way a publicity stunt", as West says "I flew here using the power of this hat", referring to the iconic red Make America Great Again hat.

The big lesson from the meeting, Baldwin's Trump says, was that "black people love me".

By the end of the skit, Trump surmises that West is the Black version of him.

"Oh my Lord. What have I gotten myself into?" thought Brown in voiceover.

Inevitably, SNL responded and the result is an approximate guess of what was actually going through Trump's head as West spoke. And he promptly dropped the first tonight, saying, "I just want to know, how much does this n-- owe in taxes?" "I played football with a leather helmet, and my brain is still working better than his?"

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