Brett Kavanaugh's Yale Roommate: SCOTUS Nominee Lied Under Oath About His Drinking

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US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath - about his drinking and about the meaning of his yearbook entries - his freshman-year roommate at Yale said on Wednesday.

Regarding the comments Kavanaugh made, Roche said, "When Brett started saying things about his drinking and his use of certain words, sexually-oriented words, I knew he was lying because he was my roommate".

James Roche, the Yale roommate of SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh also mentioned by Kit Winter, the gay man who talked with NY magazine about his experience rooming with Kavanaugh, appeared on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 last night.

"Not only did I know he wasn't telling the truth, I knew that he knew he wasn't telling the truth", Roche told Anderson Cooper. Kavanaugh denies the allegation.

Roche says he believes his friend Deborah Ramirez, who has accused Kavanaugh of exposing himself to her at a college dorm party. "I am willing to speak with them about my experiences at Yale with both Debbie and Brett", Roche wrote.

Immediately after President Trump nominated Judge Kavanaugh in July, hundreds of Yale law students, alumni and faculty signed a petition claiming the nomination presented an "emergency. for our safety".

Kavanaugh appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee last Thursday to answer questions about an alleged sexual assault from the 1980s.

McConnell said that the FBI's report on its expanded background check into Ford and Ramirez's allegations would be delivered to the Senate on Wednesday night.

Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath. I heard them talking about it regularly.

"We were in a room together - our beds were 10 feet apart for a couple of months", Roche told CNN. "I thought Dr. Ford's testimony was very compelling but I don't know her".

Roche, like many of Kavanaugh's peers, seems deeply offended that the nominee was dishonest in his testimony before the Judiciary Committee. "I think that contributed to some of my feelings about the fact that these guys treated women in a way that I didn't like".

"We each asserted that Brett lied to the Senate by stating, under oath, that he never drank to the point of forgetting what he was doing", Charles Ludington, Lynne Brookes and Elizabeth Swisher wrote in an editorial for the Washington Post. Two high school acquaintances of Kavanaugh's said they'd submitted sworn declarations to the FBI but had not been contacted by the bureau. As I watch numerous Senators speak and vote on the floor of the Senate I feel like I'm right back at Yale where half the room is laughing and looking the other way. My mother, who has since passed away, was a Republican state representative in CT.

"An FBI supplemental background investigation that did not include an interview of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford - nor the witnesses who corroborate her testimony - can not be called an investigation", the lawyers said.