Amazon's Alexa service suffers outages across the United Kingdom and Europe

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Amazon's Alexa has suffered an outage which has left people unable to use their Amazon Echo devices.

According to Down Detector, a website that tracks disruptions with digital services globally, the Alexa outage has been particularly prominent in regions of the United Kingdom, as well as Germany, Spain and Austria.

As an introductory offer, Amazon is also including a Philip Hue light bulb free of charge, which should get your smart home setup off to a bright start. It recently unveiled a new series of Alexa-powered hardware from a new Echo Dot and Amazon Echo Show to an Alexa-powered plug and microwave.

Alexa ran into trouble in May when an Echo device recorded a private conversation among an OR family and sent it to one of their contacts randomly. The Echo input can be connected with any of the regular speakers with the help of a 3.5mm connector. The Echo Show, unlike its Echo and Echo Dot siblings, features a display bumped to a 10-inch size in its latest iteration. Hulu is home to several high profile cooking shows, as well as Food Network, making its Echo Show support particularly welcome.

Amazon's Echo smart speakers have faced problems with connectivity in Britain and some other European countries but are now up and running, according to outage tracker Downdetector.

Amazon has yet to comment, but it's advising users to restart their Echo device - to no avail.

Of course, if you will get a Subwoofers with your Echo-speakers it will sound really good, therefore Amazon has made a pair with other Echo speakers.

Amazon has launched a pile of new smart home devices, with a particular focus on encroaching into Google's Chromecast territory. In March users reported hearing unprompted laughter from their Alexa-enabled devices.