Nintendo sets a start date for Switch online service

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It sounds like starting September 18th users will be unable to unlink a Nintendo Account from a Switch User Profile.

Getting onto Switch Online is going to require a firmware upgrade.

Another long requested feature, cloud saves, will become available with this new service although it appears not all games will be taking advantage of the feature.

So if you want to play some co-op Splatoon 2 or maybe some ARMS, then you'll need one of these. But what else would you like to see-and what more would you like to know about the Switch online service? These will include Super Mario Bros, Ice Climbers, and the original Legend of Zelda. I'm not actually excited for Switch Online at all so far, but I also don't play any video games online. So...

According to Nintendo's site, individual plans will go for about $4 a month, and $20 for a year. Both have offered online services for years, but at a much costlier price. You also have the option of a family subscription.

Nintendo, which delayed taking the wraps off the service (and a host of other Switch goodies) after postponing last week's Nintendo Direct event in the wake of a September 9 quake, will likely explore the new service's features in greater detail at the rescheduled event, which kicks off Thursday at 6 p.m. ET.