Gunman kills five people before shooting himself in southern California rampage

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The man first showed up at the company with his wife shortly before 5:30 p.m. where he confronted another man.

When a third man showed up, the gunman chased him to the nearby Bear Mountain Sports shop and fatally shot him.

Authorities are interviewing at least 30 witnesses and processing multiple crime scenes as they try to determine a motive for the shooting. "This is the new normal", the sheriff said of the mass shooting.

Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood briefs reporters Wednesday after six people died in a string of consecutive shootings. "It was a very short period of time, maybe 10-15 minutes".

The sheriff said he could only confirm that a single handgun was used in the attacks.

"I'm pretty comfortable there will be a connection between all these players", Youngblood said. Youngblood presented this account of what allegedly happened.

The man fled to nearby Breckenridge Road where he encountered two people before shooting them dead.

The husband then hijacked a vehicle with a woman and child inside on Fillmore Avenue in Bakersfield. USA Today reports that the vehicle's owner called 911 to describe the attacker and the vehicle, and the suspect was soon spotted by a deputy on Edison Highway. He said the officer who confronted the suspect wore a body camera, but the footage has not been released. The child and woman were not killed.

"There was some type of situation that caused the husband to be extremely upset", he said.

There were firearms recovered.

Another man who was at the scene then tried to run from the suspect. The shootings were apparently not random. Investigators are trying to figure out the wider context of the relationships between the gunman and his victims.