Azealia Banks Feuds With Elon Musk

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Never one to keep quiet about those who have crossed her, Azealia Banks returned to her Instagram story yesterday (August 13) to tear down Elon Musk and Grimes for supposedly standing her up in Los Angeles.

"They bring me out there on the premise that we would hang and make music", Banks claimed via DM.

Azealia Banks' trip to LA has been unusual. She called Musk out for his white privilege and his family's colonial ties, and criticized him for not giving back to the African continent exploited by his ancestors - deeming him a "fake ass libertarian shit bag".

A rep for Banks did not respond to a request for comment, but it seems safe to say that her collaboration with Grimes is over.

Banks told Business Insider she saw the Tesla CEO at home "scrounging for investors" after tweeting last week about plans to take Tesla private. Meanwhile, Musk claims he has no idea why the controversial rapper attacked him online. 'He was stressed and red in the face'.

Speaking to tech outlet Gizmodo, Musk said he's never actually met Banks nor "communicated with her in any way", especially not about her apparent plans to record a song with synthesiser genius and pop enigma Grimes for the Fantasea II: The Second Wave project. In another story, she wrote that "staying in Elon musks house has been like a real like episode of 'Get Out'".

Both artists had been open in the past about their desire to work together, and recently Banks had said that she was just putting the finishing touches on the album with just two songs to finish, including one that would see her flying to LA to work with Grimes.

Banks added in her chat with Business Insider that Musk appeared flustered around the chatter regarding a recent announcement that he intends to take Tesla private.

A spokesperson for Tesla told Jalopnik that Banks' claims were "complete nonsense".

"However, when Banks got there, she claimed that 30-year-old Grimes didn't show up because she was busy "[coddling] her boyfriend for being too stupid to know not to go on Twitter while on acid". Then I go to LA to finish Grimes.

"He's not cute at all in person", she added.

Recently, Musk's tweets have included saying Tesla will start selling "short shorts" as merch, as well as thigh-high sockboots and thigh high socks with pockets for lipliner and cards.

'Going back nearly two years, the Saudi Arabian sovereign wealth fund has approached me multiple times about taking Tesla private, ' Musk wrote in the blog post.

This isn't the first time Banks has made unproven claims against celebrities.