Trump slams former White House aide Omarosa as 'dog'

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According to the Washington Examiner, Ryan was compelled to address Newman after the former Apprentice star began her first stop on her book tour with a visit to Meet the Press.

Replied Colbert: "General Kelly, you work for Donald Trump".

But she was sacked by incoming chief of staff Johny Kelly during a closed-doors meeting in December 2017.

Manigault Newman provided audio to NBC, which aired portions of her recording during the interview.

Manigault Newman, a former advisor to the U.S. president and contestant on the reality television show The Apprentice, has publicly played two recordings related to her firing as she promotes her new memoir, Unhinged. "She made it up", Trump wrote in a short series of tweets.

Their war of words hit arguably a new low when the president called Mrs Newman, who had previously been one of his most prominent black supporters, a "dog".

Newman has been teasing snippets of the tell-all since last week, and claims to have a recording of Trump aides discussing how they would deal with the fallout of that tape emerging.

In the tape, played on NBC's Today programme on Monday, Mr Trump said "nobody even told me" about her leaving, to which she replies: "Wow".

"Omarosa? Omarosa what's going on?"

What is contained in the remainder of Manigault Newman's tapes is a mystery, at least for now.

The person said to be Pierson later says: "No, he said it".

She says she declined that offer.

The re-emerged in recent days, amid the release of her tell-all book, "Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the White House".

Political consultant Frank Luntz said Manigault Newman mentioned him as one of the sources of the racial slur claim-an attribution he denied.

"The president of the United States is calling a woman of colour 'a dog.' How dare he!" "He has taken this country to its knees". So too, it turns out, is the conversation which appears near the book's end, between President Trump and his former Apprentice villain after she'd been let go, as he bafflingly expresses confusion over her departure - as if he knew nothing about it.

That is the name of the initiative recently launched by first lady Melania Trump that calls for children to speak online with "respect".

However, her key accusation that the president used racist language has been made without evidence.

The President's tweet may likely draw more attention to the media circus surrounding Omarosa, as well as the suitability of tweeting about ex-employees alongside matters of defense or foreign policy.

Back then, she wouldn't go as far as questioning Trump's character when it came to his attitude toward different races.

The President has been criticized - but continues to enjoy - his use of Twitter.

In her new book, Unhinged, she writes: "Taken as a whole, all of her style rebellions have served the same goal".

Manigault Newman worked with Trump on his reality television show, "The Apprentice". "He had nothing on his mind except for sex and saying a lot of offensive stuff, but if there's video compilation like bloopers on a DVD where he's saying "c**t" and ['n-word'] then I never heard of it or... watched it". She lied on me, telling people that I was taking money from Hillary Clinton to hurt my career.