Nicki Minaj Reveals "Sorry" Featuring Nas And A Tracy Chapman Sample

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In the song, Minaj lists famous men she would not be intimate with, such as Drake, Eminem, and 50 Cent. The audience erupted with applause, forcing Minaj to stop.

Later on, Minaj talked about other men she referenced in "Barbie Dreams", saying two of them spoke to her about their mentions on the track.

Colbert turned red as he hid behind cue cards before putting his head down on his desk.

"Absolutely. Shout out to you, darling", Colbert said to camera. "I mean, it's pretty comprehensive". Finally, after a few moments to compose himself, he asked, "Are we still broadcasting?" Nicki continued "And then the ending says 'But when you see us together please don't f**king stare".

Later in their interview, Colbert and Minaj chose to swap roles, with him taking on a few lines from one of her tracks, while she delivered a rejected monologue joke.

'I would say.OK, I would say, "I might f*** Stephen after the show, he gonna come back to work with a magical glow",' Minaj rapped as she then burst into her signature maniacal laugh. "And then one person, he was just laughing".

"It's all downhill from here", Colbert said. The 34-year-old is promoting her new album Queen and the sharp tongued rapper came to play in her first late night TV appearance for the LP.

Announcing her plans to delay the release of Queen by a week to seek out proper permission for the sample, Minaj even quizzed fans for their input, asking them if they thought she should stall the album.