Kim Kardashian changes daughter's name, 'it doesn't flow'

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"I don't get the headlines like that", Stephanie said, adding she knew "in my soul" the reports weren't true.

She also admitted that the fact that she's not really a fan of the name and that's why she always shortens it to become "Chi" pronounced 'shy.' Her argument is that it doesn't flow.

"These two are inseparable #Chi #Saint", Kardashian captioned her post about the adorable babies.

Kim admits she prefers short names - like North and Saint - but struggled to come up with one that felt right for her third child. A one syllable name.

Another one of Kim's Instagram photos proves just how inseparable the middle and youngest child really are. "It was the hardest decision ever and I could not think of a name".

During an argument over a Christmas card photoshoot on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kardashian West called her sister "the least exciting to look at" out of her and her sisters Khloe, 34, Kendall Jenner, 22, and Kylie Jenner, 20. "Kanye does not. So I unofficially Instagrammed Chi Noel and I was like 'I'm doing this because I want her middle name to be Noel'".

Kim K has also given Chi an unofficial middle name.

"They're going to be so attractive when they grow up all her kids", one more chimed in.

The brunette beauty can also see a lot of herself in Chicago but has admitted she was initially anxious that they wouldn't bond because she was born via surrogate. "I think because I was so nervous that having a surrogate I would lose that connection".

But she insists that Chi is like her twin and that the two have a very strong bond.

Another commented: "Okay she officially makes the prettiest babies".