Joe Arpaio Unfazed by Sacha Baron Cohen Prank: 'It's Comedy'

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Trump pardoned the former Arizona sheriff in August 2017 after he was convicted of criminal contempt for ignoring a court order to stop detaining people based on race.

Baron Cohen then asks the sheriff: "If Donald Trump calls you up after this and says, 'Sheriff Joe, I want to offer you an unbelievable blow job, ' would you say yes?"

Disguised as a Finnish YouTube star, Cohen, according to news reports, unboxed Shopkins toys and persuaded Arpaio to discuss gun control and President Donald Trump.

"I'm dying to bring it back", said premium cabler boss David Nevins today at the TCA of the gotcha series from the Borat creator, admitting it "will be a process" because of the secrecy involved. Cohen continued to press Arpaio, trying to get him to fall for another verbal trap, and succeeding in getting Arpaio to agree that if Trump called him and said, paraphrasing for crude language, Sheriff Joe, I want to offer you fantastic oral sex, Arpaio replied, "I may have to say yes".

When Cohen asked Arpaio if Trump might have had a golden shower, Arapio responded "Wouldn't surprise me".

Arpaio revealed himself to be among Cohen's victims in an interview last month with Breitbart News. Arpaio looked at his host in disbelief: "You have over 43 guns???" Arpaio clearly heard Cohen say that, but continued with the interview anyway, where things took a turn toward the kinky when Cohen began asking Arpaio questions about Donald Trump and their relationship with each other. "It's a risk I'm really glad that we took", Nevins told the Television Critics Association while promoting the upcoming lineup for Showtime, a unit of CBS Corp.

"The bad guys are going to get their guns", Arpaio said. "I'm hoping somebody else in there has a gun that will shoot that person before he kills you".

Cohen also asked about Arpaio's staunch support of Trump, who famously pardoned the former sheriff a year ago less than a month after he was convicted of criminal contempt.

"I'm kind of disappointed I fell for their trap", the 86-year-old told the Arizona Republic at the time.