Facebook introduces AR games to Messenger group video chat

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However, the Facebook augmented reality video chat games will offer Facebook another opportunity to make money, and as all of their revenue comes from ads, expect something down the road. From there, their friends will be notified if they are being challenged.

The tech giant owns both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, but it appears keen to push users towards the latter for video calls with the most recent update.

There are two games that will initially be available for users to plan with more set to be released soon.

The first AR Messenger game is Asteroid Attack, where you have to move a spaceship around obstacles with your nose. On Snapchat, you get to play an AR game on a snap and send that as a regular snap to your friends.

The games are fairly rudimentary, but highlight how Facebook is continuing to push forward with augmented reality as it experiments with new formats and experiences for its users, experiences that could lead to future monetisation opportunities as Facebook's revenue growth slows and its profits shrink.

The social media company said users of financial firms such as PayPal (PYPL.O), Citibank (C.N) and American Express (AXP.N) could link their financial accounts with Facebook's Messenger and chat with a customer service representative.

"We're planning to roll out more games in the coming weeks and months - including passing a beach ball back and forth with "Beach Bump" and a matching cat game with "Kitten Kraze" - so make sure to check back often!", said Facebook in Newsroom post. The person on the other end of the video call will get a notification that you've started the game, and both the users can then indulge in some play time. The company had recently introduced the video chat feature for its Messenger.

With apps like Skype and WhatsApp, the video chat market is extremely saturated; not to mention the fact that all iPhone users have Facetime built into their phones.