Dez to Browns GM: 'I'm coming ... to see you'

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The Cleveland Browns have been at the front of that list in recent weeks, too, but it's been very unclear as to whether a deal will get done - or even if there's mutual interest there.

Indeed, reports emerged late in July that Bryant is being choosy about who he plays for next, but his tweets last night indicate interest in a team that didn't win a game past year.

This is a bit odd, because Browns GM John Dorsey said that he'd love to have Bryant for a visit, but Bryant hasn't returned his calls.

"Maybe he's still thinking about other stuff", Dorsey said to

Bryant has since contradicted Dorsey's statement saying he did speak with him. He said on Twitter he "wouldn't mind playing for the Browns".

Bryant tweeted Thursday that he has "a legit 3 years left" to play professionally but "I just want to be right first" before playing.

If Bryant and Dorsey can't agree on whether they've talked, how can they hash out mutually acceptable contract terms?

NFL Media's Ian Rapoport reports expects Bryant to arrive in Cleveland next Thursday. Training camps across the league are in full swing, and the first week of the regular season is less than one month away. Bryant, however, just might be too tough to get a hold of.

Cowboys Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman said he believes Bryant will play in the National Football League this season.