Samsung Note 9 to have 512GB internal memory

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The gadget comes at a time when Samsung is struggling with the Galaxy S9 lineup and is, therefore, looking towards the Note 9 to stabilize income for the year's second half. At the other, it's also catering towards the need of business users by upgrading the phablet's S-Pen.

The video shows the incredibly popular Fortnite game running on a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, which was hacked into working by xdadevelopers and some of their community members, who not only obtained the Fortnite Mobile Android APK but also bypassed lock downs to get it running. It can click selfies too, and run you through PowerPoint presentations using the updated, dockless DeX feature.

To start with the Samsung Galaxy Note9 has mostly retained the footprint of its predecessor but added a bigger 6.4-inch screen (notchless, naturally) and a 20% bigger 4,000mAh battery.

While the Note 9 addresses the few gaps that the Note 8 didn't quite flawless; those expecting more in terms of design may be on the fence.

As you can see it's pretty similar to the watch we first saw in a premature listing on Samsung's own website last month.

Powered by Samsung's Exynos 9810 chipset, the Note 9 is blazing fast. At over 200g, it will be interesting to see how this impacts long-term usage, as we found weight to be a bit of a concern with the Galaxy Note 8 itself.

Samsung will release an SDK to open the new S Pen to developers. Plus, Note 9 and Tab S4 owners will get an exclusive skin.

There's a new water carbon cooling system to help performance during games. Of course, there's no telling just how good these features are until we test it out ourselves.

At the software front, Samsung's tweaked the Note 9's rear camera by allowing it to now display any photograph errors on the screen prior to the image being snapped. Once the phone has detected the scene, it optimizes saturation, white balance, brightness and contrast to best suit the scene.

The curtains have finally been pulled back on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and this time around, the tech giant has put the battery back in the spotlight.

If you decide to preorder the Note 9, you'll be able to take advantage of a special offer from Samsung.

The phablet also features a water-carbon cooling system and a smart performance adjuster, going to show that Samsung's finally taken a serious approach to its thermal problems for almost every high-end gadget that the company manufacturers.