Dave Bautista will 'quit' Guardians if James Gunn script isn't used

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One senior executive is even quoted as saying "I'd work with him in a heartbeat". At this point Disney should be looking at the longview, and making sure that this whole mess is as invisible as possible when audiences are watching the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy 50 years from now, and their best option within that perspective is using Gunn's screenplay.

There's still much to be resolved in the wake of James Gunn being fired off Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3. There's no question that Cernovich is a bad person - he got his start in the men's rights movement, calls people who disagree with him pedophiles, and helped spread the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, which came to a head when a man fired an assault rifle in a pizza restaurant - but that doesn't change the fact that Gunn did send those tweets. Gunn is still technically on contract with Disney and won't be free to look elsewhere until exit negotiators are finished. And this is further complicated by the reports that Disney plans to use the script that Gunn had written for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. An exit settlement needs to be reached (allegedly, Gunn's payout could be in the $7-10M range). It is unclear whether these are hopes on the side of Gunn's lawyers or merely some whispers at Disney and its rivals, but according to one quoted source, "An end-all verdict hasn't been issued and conversations with Marvel are still ongoing".

Avengers and Guardians star Dave Bautist has been highly vocal in his support for Gunna nd his disgust overteh way Disney has handled teh situation. Nevertheless, it would appear this media narrative has miles to go before Disney can gratefully see it sleep.

James Gunn is a director in demand, oddly enough.

Since Gunn was sacked by Disney in July, he received an outpouring of support from his former Guardians of the Galaxy cast and from industry insiders who disapproved of Disney kowtowing to alt-right demands.

Back in July, Walt Disney Studios dismissed Gunn from the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 due to Gunn's past controversial tweets.