Dallas County First West Nile Death 2018

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There have been three human cases of West Nile virus in the county this year.

Dallas County reported its first West Nile Virus death of 2018 on Tuesday.

Also, one positive mosquito pool with 11 mosquitos tested positive for WNV in a pool located in West Brant.

Minimize time spent outdoors, especially at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active. In North America, that means that mosquito season - extending from the late spring through the fall - is West Nile season. Test results are reported once a week by the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station.

The West Nile virus program includes larviciding at catch basins.

The mosquitos get the virus by feeding on infected birds.

"Positive and suspected West Nile cases are a reminder that preventative measures are important", said Dr. Faisal Khan, director of the department.

Wear clothing made of tightly woven fabric that covers the entire body. At least once a week, eliminate the sources of standing water around a home by draining garbage cans, buckets, toys, flowerpots, etc. Of the 26 Dallas County residents infected a year ago, two died from the mosquito-borne illness.