Alexa can now notify users when it learns new things

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Citing a pair of people who have been briefed on Amazon's internal figures, The Information reports that only around 2 percent of people who own Alexa-powered devices have made purchases using their voices so far this year.

Read the full report from The Information here.

The new Answer Updates is being rolled out over the coming days, and it could help solve one of the most frustrating things about Echo smart speakers.

Launched in 2014 assistant Alexa Amazon has over 45,000 skills through a set of functions to Alexa Skills Kit (ASK), and the developers are constantly expanding the list, developing abilities and skills Alexa. It is a surprisingly low engagement rate, though Amazon did sell in the neighborhood of 50 million Alexa devices. Of those who did buy something using Alexa, about 90% didn't bother to do repeat voice shopping. A more healthy 20% did however make use of shopping-related requests of Alexa, such as to ask about current deals or to track the status of an order. Factor in the inability of a smart speaker to actually let users see the product in question or quickly browse through reviews, or the mechanics of switching between shipping and payment options, and ordering via voice suddenly doesn't sound all that great when users' money is on the line. There are instances when Alexa doesn't know the answer to a particular question. "With just a tap of the steering wheel, SEAT customers will be able to ask Alexa for music, get the news, control their smart home, and much more". (Thus, the inclination towards home products, for example, phone charger, a new T.V., or a kitchen knife) is more, as the exact selection of the item doesn't matter much. In other words, Amazon could be pushing something that would make it a lot more money if not for the fact no one really wants to use it.