Woman Helps Man Short On Cash, Then Finds Out He’s Keith Urban

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A New Jersey woman walked into a gas station and met a country music superstar.

Ruth Reed told NBC she picked up Urban's tab at the Medford, N.J. Wawa.

Reed posted a Facebook comment explaining what happened, NorthJersey.com reports, writing that she has made resolutions over the last few years to help out fellow Wawa customers. "I said Ruth, he said "Ruth I'm Keith" and I said "That's who you look like Keith Urban do people every tell you that you look like Keith Urban?' And he said 'I am Keith Urban, ' and I said no you're not really".

Country music star Keith Urban's money is no good at Wawa, at least when one South Jersey substitute teacher is around.

Unconvinced, Reed turned to his body guard and asked for confirmation.

"It was then I realised what an idiot I was", she told local media outlets.

"We decided when we saw military people we would treat them at Wawa or Dunkin Donuts or whatever", said Reed.

So on August 3rd, when the customer in front of her at the store was having an issue at the register, she jumped at the opportunity to help.

"And he said 'I am Keith Urban.' And I said, 'No you're not, really'".

She was finally convinced after noticing bodyguards.

"He thanked me and asked my name", Reed wrote.

But Reed was suspicious and said she got a little "snippy" with him.

"I didn't believe him", she wrote.

Reed still wasn't sure even after Urban said he was there with his sister.

"And I just fell apart, fell apart", she said. "I asked where Nicole was and who was the lady".

Reed, who is very shy, has been getting a lot of attention over her interaction with Urban.