SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE Reveals New Characters and 103 Level Options

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We've time-stamped the Direct at 23:39 so you can jump straight to the menu! This can be brought up at any time by pressing the ZR button, and offers players a variety of convenient shortcuts. Tell us, Ranters, what changes are you excited to see coming to Super Smash Bros. So what could it be?

Nintendo is teasing a "mysterious mode they can't talk about yet", so there's much more to come in the future for Smash. A insane, original story featuring cut-scene cinematics would blow us away, and it wouldn't surprise us if some of the cutscene footage we've seen from character reveals were part of that story mode.

King K. Rool: Well, here's a blast from the past! That should make fights nice and unpredictable. assuming you don't just turn items off by default, like some kind of monster.

Simon Belmont from the Castlevania series, King K. Rool from the Donkey Kong Country series, and Echo fighters (fighters based on existing fighters, but with a different visual appearance) Richter Belmont from the Castlevania series (based on Simon Belmont), Chrom from the Fire Emblem series (based on Roy), and Dark Samus from the Metroid series (based on Samus) will be playable in Super Smash Bros.

As revealed on Wednesday morning's Nintendo Direct presentation, one of the game's new features is an option called Stage Morph. If you're a video game music lover like me, that's awesome news, but it's even better when you learn that Smash Ultimate will include over 800 music tracks. Ultimate all launching within three months of one another.

Tourney Mode: Up to 32 players can participate in Tourney mode, making it great for parties or events with a lot of people. Ultimate. For those who want to get a taste of the action as it's happening, you're going to want to know where to watch the Nintendo Direct, lest you miss out on a single second of gameplay, announcements, or other reveals! Players will battle against each other in a series of matches, but the roster gets smaller with each bout.

A GameCube controller has been the preferred input for pro-level and diehard Smash Bros. players ever since Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster! Previously-selected fighters will no longer be available, forcing you to move beyond your favorites as the competition continues.

What do you think? Are we in store for a insane new campaign?