'Bachelorette' victor Garrett Yrigoyen addresses Instagram scandal following Becca Kufrin engagement

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I never realized the power behind a mindless double tap on Instagram and how it bears so much weight on people's lives. From the way ABC edited the two family visits, Blake was the clear victor in the clubhouse, and Becca even admitted to the camera that a relationship with Garrett "would be a bigger risk".

Earlier in the season, TMZ leaked out a photo of Becca and Garrett at the final rose ceremony.

Kurfin was originally a contestant on The Bachelor, and she accepted a proposal, only to have her engagement broken on national television when the guy chose to go with the runner-up.

"Yay! I loved Garrett from the start", one person wrote. On a more serious note, they both said they'd go with Jason, and Kufrin admitted she thinks highly of him.

She finally has her wish with Yrigoyen. Even Becca's rhetoric is couched to respond to the soul mate aspect - "I got to see who he is, his heart, his soul" - while letting her completely avoid the beliefs in question. He was the most confident going into the proposal. Emily, the straight-talking sister, asks Becca if she really thinks Garrett would challenge her, which seems like a low-key way of pointing out that Garrett may not be all that smart.

He said he anxious it might end his relationship with Kufrin, but she said, "I got to see who he is, his heart, his soul".

Garrett proposes to Becca in the season finale of "The Bachelorette". Many franchise fans wonder if Blake now becomes the frontrunner to be the 2019 Bachelor lead, but he has some stiff competition. "Because we were so constant, I felt like I was overlooking other relationships", Kufrin said to Horstmann during the breakup. He also said that he wants to make her smile for the rest of their lives.

The 28-year-old Minnesota native gave the coveted last rose to Garrett Yrigoyen on a picturesque beach in the Maldives during Monday's dramatic three-hour finale. "It's been tough. And I couldn't say, 'Hey, this is my man". "Ask them, 'What can you do about it?' and if they can't come up with anything, ask them how they've tackled similar situations before", she says.

Garrett rolls up with an awkwardly large bouquet and a bottle of something and Becca loudly reminds her family that this is Garrett (not Blake).

With that said, Reality Steve reported, before the beginning of the season, that, though there were rumors Horstmann was the victor, Kufrin picks Yrigoyen.

Becca also calledThe Bachelorette finale "intense", telling ET that viewers will experience a wide range of emotions - from sadness to laughter - on Monday night. And we're not sure what made her pick Garrett, but in the coming weeks we'll find out if they have a shot at making it tot he altar.

A preview for the finale obtained by Entertainment Tonight has even shown Becca crying to the cameras, "I feel bad".

There are no wedding plans yet, but they're spending time in each other's cities (Minneapolis and Reno) and planning to move in together, possibly in California.

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In the meantime we have Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise to look forward to.