YouTube for Android has received a new topic

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YouTube has finally rolled out dark mode for Android users which was made available for desktop a year ago while for iOS this March.

The dark mode became one of the most requested features for YouTube's Android app, The Verge quoted the tech giant as saying.

A dark theme was first announced and rolled out on YouTube's desktop website.

The process to turn dark mode on and off is similar in laptop and desktop devices. Roku and Android TV both have their apps set to a dark theme by default.

Tap Dark theme to enable it. That applies to all the visible regions including the search page, settings section, and everywhere else, including even the video place holder which now is completely black until the video starts streaming.

But while iOS users got to take advantage of the new option relatively fast, those on Android were left waiting. It can help focus your eyes on the actual content, especially at night when the light from a screen might be the only light in a room. Under the Remind me to take a break option, you'll find the toggle button for the dark theme.

If you're using Android then you can download the latest update of YouTube from the Google Play Store.

That said, it's worth noting that the color we are looking at once Dark Mode is enabled isn't totally black. Now, activate the toggle switch to turn the new feature on.

YouTube is not the first company to make such changes to its applications, with Apple and other manufacturers adding a blue light filter mode to their devices in order to address eye strain.