Warner Bros. Developing ALF Reboot Series

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The series aired on NBC from September 22, 1986, to March 24, 1990 for a total of 99 episodes and ended with ALF getting caught by the Alien Task Force.

While Alf became a nickname for the character, as an acronym it stands for "Alien Life Form".

Warner Bros. TV declined to comment.

ALF was a significant enough hit that it even spawned an animated spinoff, a prequel which dealt with his adventures back on Melmac.

The latest reboot in the works is ALF, the puppet-based '80s sitcom, which TVLine reports is in development at Warner Bros.

With regards to the potential direction of the reboot, it has been suggested that the story would pick up with ALF emerging from Area 51-where he has been held captive since the original series finale-and follow the alien as he observes how much the world has changed since that time.

The show had fun with alien tropes of all sorts, putting comedically effective distance between the short, hairy ALF and his more sinister, technologically advanced alien cousins on the sci-fi big screen. The geniuses who originally created the show, Paul Fusco (who also stars as the titular alien) and Tom Patchett are both involved, so you purists can put your pitchforks away. THR adds that the new ALF isn't a typical reboot, and instead will see Gordon return to Earth to take up residence with a new family.

Now, as long as they do the right thing and don't turn the character into a CGI creation.