Fortnite is bringing back guided missiles but not as you know them

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Player damage from guided missiles is down from 105/110 to 74/77. To partner with the Guided Missile, Epic have introduced "Fly Explosives" for a short period of time, which will see players doing exactly what it says on the tin. This may look like an old-fashioned Flintlock Weapon, but this baby packs a punch. The guided missile launcher comes in both legendary and epic variants.

Fuse duration reduced from 18 to 15 seconds.

Reload time increased to 2.4/2.2.

Furthermore, the attempt was risky because if he had missed, there is no telling where he would have ended up and what kind of fall damage he would have taken.

Explosions now damage structures with no regard for line of sight.

Movement Speed decreased from 1100 to 1000. However, those on PC may find it more hard to control the guided missile, as its movement has been adjusted to match the console version.

Available now, the fly explosives LTM has made its way into Fortnite: Battle Royale. Dubbed Fly Explosives, you'll only find explosive weapons in this mode, along with Jetpacks you can use to rain fury from the skies.

Floor loot occasionally has jetpacks.

"This week kicks off with a new LTM, Fly Explosives". The Fly Explosive jetpacks have increased fuel regen rate and decreased fuel burn rate compared to the standard jetpack. Likewise, Rocket Ammunition is capped at 120, while between-storm wait times have been reduced as players require time less scavenging time. Finally, stats in terms of wins and Kill/death ratio are counted in this mode.

The Guided Missile returns from the Vault!

Only Explosive Weapons can be found in this mode.

Nameplates will no longer appear for members of the opposite team.

While Fortnite Content Update 5.1 is indeed a Content Update by name, it should be known that the patch does require a download of varying sizes on all platforms. The consumable was recently taken out of the game due to an animation glitch that allowed players to switch to another weapon just before they finished consumption of the item, which would cause them to receive the healing effect of the slurp, but not remove it out of their inventory.