Duterte praises Lapena, Faeldon while destroying P300M exotic cars, big bikes

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The president looked on as a digger drove over 68 luxury vehicles worth 277 million pesos and eight luxury motorbikes worth 19 million at Port Irene in Santa Ana, Cagayan, on Monday, July 30.

"I did this because you have to show to the world that you have a viable place of investment and business", Duterte said before the cars were destroyed, according to the publication. President Duterte watched sitting in safety glasses and a white construction hat. "And the only way to show it is that you are productive and that you have the economy, to absorb the productivity of the population", Duterte was quoted as saying.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte recently ordered that $5.89 million worth of cars be destroyed by bulldozers.

Destroying illegally imported cars is Duterte's thing.

Lambino said ordinary cars destroyed will be given to the town's cooperatives and interested organizations while high-end cars will be used as a reminder in a "Monumento ng Pagbabago" (monument of change) to those who intend to illegally import vehicles.

He reiterated his commitment to fight corruption even if it would mean sacking more of his government appointees. He's made it quite clear he does not want his government profiting from crime.

In the Philippines, every auto is subject to an average rate of 40% customs duty, around 10-12% VAT and ad valorem tax, which relates to the engine size, of 15-100%.

Over the past two years, more than 12,000 suspected drug users and dealers are estimated to have died under his watch, some 4,500 of whom were by police, according to Human Rights Watch.