Demi Lovato Suffering Overdose Side Effects as Hospital Stay Continues

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Demi Lovato is still recuperating at the hospital and she is reportedly said to be facing "complications" after she was admitted due to a suspected drug overdose. "She's been heavily using and her friends have been very anxious that this was going to happen." said a source to E!

Demi Lovato didn't suffer an overdose but caused it, a famous interventionist has claimed.

Lovato, 25, has been open in the past about her struggles with drugs and alcohol, and she celebrated six years of sobriety this past March. "He seems very concerned about her".

Her relatives are said to be trying to set her up with a place in a rehab clinic for when she's discharged from hospital because they want to get her back on the straight and narrow as soon as possible and are anxious a return home will delay her progress. "I will miss hearing my best friend's laugh, maybe my favorite sound in the world, in the audience for these final shows as she continues to recover".

Her ex-boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, was spotted visiting her, and has reportedly been a constant presence by her hospital bed. "Like all of you, I have nothing but love in my heart for her".

Daniels also called Demi her "hero" and added: "She's someone who has been honest, so candid about her struggles, from day one when she was a teenager".

"I know you're all feeling lost without her at this moment in time".

"Please remember that when you take out your phones and start typing".

Following her hospitalization last week, a source told E! So we said, 'OK, let's do more Demi.' And she was game.

Vitale took to Instagram on Sunday to set the record straight. Most of Demi's fans had nothing but negative things to say about Vitale.

TMZ reports Lovato is suffering from extreme nausea, high fever and more. Please continue to send her love during her recovery'. She talked about them in the first documentary.

"She had a sober coach who she cut out of her life a few months ago".