Tesla made a decision to sell a limited release surfboard

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If you're determined to get a surfboard that matches your EV, you'll likely have to make a very, very sweet offer to pry this out of an owner's hands.

Branded with the Tesla logo and decorated in its trademark red and black colours, the limited run of 200 boards was designed in partnership with surfer brand Lost.

Fed up with waiting for Tesla cars to arrive?

The hefty price tag doesn't come without credo.

As a result, the Limited Edition Tesla Surfboard maintains the quick reaction, highly responsible, memory benefits of carbon fiber, the company says.

Not surprisingly, the board is built to boogi, uh, handle big-time swells, according to the company.

Image Tesla
Image Tesla

If you ordered one of the 200 surfboards, there could be a bit of a wait, with Tesla adding that delivery can take anywhere from two to 10 weeks.

This is not the first time Tesla has made accessories for their vehicles; their most notable accessory is a pretty bad-ass leather jacket, which looks incredible on both men and women.

Market analyst Rajvindra Gill has claimed that 24% of orders for the Model 3 have been cancelled by impatient buyers, which Tesla has denied.

The surfboard is just the latest popular product from Tesla and its CEO.

The company also notes that the Tesla surfboard will fit comfortably inside or outside of its Model S, Model X and Model 3 vehicles.

The news is certainly getting shared on Twitter, but are the responses positive?