Sean Spicer 'taken aback' by man's N-word claim

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That's when Lombard accused Spicer of calling him the N-word before trying to fight him when they were teenagers.

Sean Spicer says he will take the Associated Press to court over a report that a black man confronted him at a book signing, claiming that Spicer had called the man the N-word when they were in high school together. Lombard was then escorted away by a security guard.

Lombard told the Newport Daily News that he attended the Portsmouth Abbey School around the same time as Spicer.

"Hey Sean, you're a real piece of garbage and I hope you look around and see all these empty seats", an unidentified man shouted and interrupts a line of questioning from the event's moderator. Lombard asked. "But you called me a nigger first".

The ex-communications director was at a book signing in Middletown, Rhode Island for his recent release of "The Briefing" about his time with President Donald Trump.

We do know his book tour has been going very badly - he's betting getting pretty brutally heckled in multiple locations all across the country.

It would seem that Sean Spicer faces an uphill battle in a lawsuit against the Associated Press.

The Newport Daily News caught Lombard's comments on camera.

"I was 14. I was a scared kid then, Sean. I'm not scared to fight you now", Lombard can be heard yelling.

It's unclear from the video what Spicer's reaction was to the man's accusations that he had used a racial slur against him in their youth.

A publicist for Spicer told the AP that the former press secretary was "taken aback" by the "outrageous" claim.

Spicer appeared to recognize Lombard. Lombard graduated in 1990, Spicer in 1989.

Spicer "can't recall any incident like this happening" and was "not sure if this was just a stunt this man was pulling", Regnery Publishing publicist Lauren McCue said.