Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price leak points to high cost once again

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If history has taught us anything it's that all of the remaining blanks will likely be filled in over the course of the week to come, which certainly wouldn't surprise anyone considered the fact that the Galaxy Note 9 is unquestionably the worst-kept secret in the industry right now. Again, the closer you can get to the phone's initial release date, the better, but this is a good time to take a look around for launch promotions. We still don't know exactly what those features are, however, and we don't know what kind of battery life the new S Pen will have or what type of charging system it'll support (though we can assume it'll charge while docked). Notably, the leak suggests the launch prices of the 128GB and 512GB storage variants of Galaxy Note 9 for the Indonesian market. It will obviously be more colorful, with the tip of it matching the color of the phone itself. The company has showcased teaser videos for the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 smartphone, highlighting improved performances in terms of battery, storage capacity, and speed. On the design front, the newer S-pen appears to be more angular, while holding a unique colour profile. But since we've heard just about everything there is to know about the phone, we only need to know how much it costs to make the picture complete.

In an image render, the S-Pen from Galaxy Note 9 has been spotted, alongside the stylus of Galaxy Note 8. The latest leak suggests it may not be as bad as some had suggested. It shows the two-tone stylus from the blue Galaxy Note 9. Notably, the images do not reveal anything about the specifications of the Galaxy Note 9 variants.

Countless leaks and reports have essentially confirmed that Samsung will be shipping a new S Pen with the Galaxy Note 9.