Google celebrates astronomer Georges Lemaitre's birth anniversary

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Lemaitre gave his lecture and theory, Albert Einstein stood up and said: "this is the most handsome and satisfying explanation of the universe that I have ever heard."He was elected a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences and Belgium Arts and the Pontifical Academy of Sciences".

Born on July 17, 1894, Lemaitre went to study civil engineering at the Catholic University of Leuven at the age of 17.

Lemaitre accurately estimated the numerical value that astronomers would come to call the Hubble constant, a unit of measurement that describes the universe's rate of expansion.

Google doodle dedicated to Belgian astronomer Georges Lemaitre. He studied physics at the University of Cambridge, Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is also considered to be the first person to propose the theory that the universe is expanding.

Lemaitre called it the "hypothesis of the primeval atom", or the "Cosmic Egg".

His theory was confirmed and established by Edwin Hubble which is also regarded as Hubble's Law in these contemporary times.

After Lemaitre had delivered his lecture and theory to a group of esteemed scientists in 1933 at the California Institute of Technology, Einstein applauded him and said: "This is the most handsome and satisfactory explanation of creation to which I ever listened".

Lemaitre's work was widely recognised around the world, and are hugely influential until this day. Two years later, Lemaitre published a paper based on Albert Einstein's theory of General Relativity. Besides the Francqui prize in 1934, he received several other worldwide scientific awards, and a crater on the moon was named for him in 1970.

He died on 20 June 1966, shortly after having learned of the discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation, which provided further evidence for his own intuitions about the birth of the universe.